"It's What We Do"



About Kamp-Ops

Who we are?

KAMP Operations offers integrated event management via a dedicated owner and operator team with more than 20 years of related experience within Ottawa and its environs. At KAMP Operations, we employ a two-prong strategy that combines a licensed security & First aid agency, with a branch devoted to volunteer training and coordination.

What do we do?

The involvement of KAMP Operations is often throughout the life cycle of an event. This includes licensing, logistical support, contract-management, site mapping, event preparation and execution, and debriefing for continuous improvement. We are a strong presence during the event, with hands on aspects including set-up, staff instruction, liaising with event organizers, crowd security and backstage VIP protection.

How we do it?

Important features of KAMP Operations include automated scheduling, regular training, and a significant staff and volunteer database. Our holistic approach with volunteers and security allows for ease of job rotation.  As well, our dedicated roster of volunteers is routinely trained on escalating issues to onsite security. The communication between both branches is integral to our success.

With all of these elements in mind, our focus is to:

Eliminate risk

Ensure safety

Maximize enjoyment 

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